There’s a heaven inside each body, hidden in every palate. In it there is a universe waiting to be dazzled by unknown ‘ingre-details’.
Food that makes sense

Chef Vincent Farges is at home and this is where he serves plates that he identifies with, these are created with the acquired maturity over a career of more than two decades.
At Epur, he does plates with greater freedom of expression which are demanding and thorough and combine several sources of inspiration: French, Portuguese and Asian, amongst others. 

“At 40’s you know yourself, you know what your culinary identity is.
Simple but technically sophisticated. I sublimate the ingredients and create minimalist plates with nothing superfluous. The idea is that each plate has two or three flavours. Everything on the plate must have a reason for being there. It’s food that makes sense, that is restrained, real and genuine.

But I don’t do the traditional French cuisine. I use the basic French techniques for fine dining. But the most important thing are the emotions.
For me, cooking is a pleasure, a sharing experience. Cooking is about generosity; about people being happy around the table.”